Glenn Dolan Award

Background and Purpose: Glenn Dolan was really the founder of the North Dakota Counseling Association. He dedicated many years, his time, talent, energy, and effort to growing the counseling association and profession in North Dakota. The Department of Public Instruction employed Glenn for numerous years.


  1. Must be a member of NDCA.
  2. Has made outstanding contributions to their organization (NDCA, NDSCA, NDCDA, NDMHCA, NDACES). 
  3. Has demonstrated able leadership in the counseling profession. 
  4. Has excellent rapport with the community and with fellow staff members. 
  5. Actively participates in community functions and organizations. 
  6. Provides extensive service and leadership to the community.


  1. Nominee must meet two or more of the criteria specified above. 
  2. Nominee must be a member of NDCA and be serving in a counseling capacity during the current year. 
  3. Must submit the nomination form outlining the criteria for the award and two letters of reference. 
  4. Nominee cannot be a current member of the NDCA Executive Board.
  5. All materials due: 12-30-2023. 
  6. Fill out the nomination form.