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Graduate Scholarship

Download the 2016 - 2017 NDCA Graduate Scholarship Application (PDF)

Graduate Scholarship Recipient

Alyssa Gapinski
North Dakota State University

Our graduate scholarship recipient is Alyssa Gapinski. Alyssa grew up in Foley, MN and graduated from high school there. Alyssa spent her undergraduate years at MSU-M and is now a second year graduate student at NDSU working toward completing course work for a Master's degree in clinical mental health counseling.

Alyssa currently works at Creative Care for Reaching Independence where she works with individuals with special needs reach their daily goals. When she is not working at CCRI, she volunteers with the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center in Fargo-Moorhead. After graduation, Alyssa hopes to begin work with individuals who are survivors of human trafficking. Alyssa hobbies include reading Christian inspirational books, having coffee with friends, watching football on tv and having relaxing days at home on the farm with her mom, dad, and sister.

Alyssa says that having always been interested in people and helping them achieve everyday goals is what brought her to graduate school. Alyssa's passion grew even more while taking an introduction to counseling class as an undergraduate student.

Alyssa's advisor is Dr. Carol Buchholz Holland at NDSU's Counseling Program.

North Dakota Counseling Association Silent Auction Scholarship Recipient

Summer Romine
North Dakota State University

Our silent auction scholarship recipient is Summer Romine. Summer was born and raised in Mohall, ND and graduated from high school there. Summer earned her undergraduate degree at Valley City State University and is currently at NDSU working on completing course work for a Master's degree in school counseling.

Summer is currently in her third semester of graduate school and is a graduate teaching assistant in the department of Human Development and Family Science this semester. After completing her internship next school year, Summer hopes to become employed as a school counselor in North Dakota. Summer enjoys time with her mom, dad, 2 brothers and their wives, watching shows on Netflix, running outdoors even when it's cold, and listening to The Beatles and Paul McCartney on various vinyl records that she owns.

Summer says she is excited to continue her journey of becoming a school counselor and has no doubt that she will love the career she has chosen.

Summer's advisor is Dr. Carol Buchholz Holland at NDSU's Counseling Program.

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You are invited to participate in a study regarding counselors’ experiences in clinical supervision for state licensure. This study is being conducted to fulfill the degree requirements for a doctoral degree in Counselor Education & Supervision at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The purpose of this research is to further understanding of the supervisory relationship’s impact on the development of the professional counselor.
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